Photo by Jaman Percy.

Stand up for wolverines!

Wolverines are an icon of the wild. These wide ranging, wily critters are known for climbing the steepest peaks and travelling long distances across rugged landscapes. But in southern British Columbia they face even tougher conditions: roads have been cut through their habitat, uncontrolled recreation pushes them away from food and den sites, and ongoing trapping is risky for a small population that reproduces slowly.

Wolverines, who are adapted for winter, storing food and raising their young in the snow, face a difficult future as climate change warms the mountains, northern forests and tundra they call home. The high-elevation, snow-capped peaks of the Columbia and Rocky Mountains are an ever more important refuge for wolverines as our planet warms. We have to give wolverines a chance to survive and thrive in our mountains, away from endless roads, noisy engines, and traplines. BC needs a plan to protect wolverines—now.

Write a message to Forests Minister Doug Donaldson asking for an effective provincial wolverine management plan (the last plan was from 1989!) that:

  • Includes specific habitat protections for denning areas and key habitat for reproductive-age females.
  • Includes access management measures to reduce disturbance from uncontrolled recreation.
  • Reduces or eliminates wolverine trapping to make sure overall populations are strong.

Make sure your voice is heard, please write a message in your own words.

To: Doug Donaldson, BC Minister of Forests
cc: George Heyman, BC Environment Minister
Adam Olsen, BC Green Party Forests Spokesperson
Collated messages will also be sent to:
Tom Ethier, Assistant Deputy Minister, Resource Stewardship
Jennifer Psyllakis, Director, Wildlife and Habitat

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