Photo by Dave Willhite

Speak up for wildlife!

Wildlife cannot live in a vacuum. Wild animals need the right habitat, with the right conditions, for survival. Right now in BC, wildlife numbers are plummeting and entire ecosystems are unraveling. Clearly, we need a change. The provincial government has drafted a plan to support wildlife, but the plan does not include enough to allow our wildlife to thrive.

The plan needs to include a population and habitat inventory, hunting regulations based on current data, stand-alone legislation for wildlife and habitat protections, priority given to enforcement and education, and funding for long-term conservation and habitat investments. Read more about the plan here.

Write a message to Forests Minister Doug Donaldson today, asking for:

  • Stand-alone legislation that guarantees the conservation of biodiversity values
  • Wildlife population objectives and legislated habitat objectives
  • An investment fund supported by all users for conservation and habitat restoration

Make sure your voice is heard, please write a message in your own words.

To: Doug Donaldson, BC Minister of Forests
cc: Wildlife and Habitat Branch, Ministry of Forests

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