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Action Alert: Logging threatens Columbia Wetlands


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Proposed logging in the Columbia Wetlands threatens the internationally recognized wetlands and the wildlife that call them home. Wildlife are in decline around the province. If we can’t prioritize wildlife in a wildlife management area, where are they a priority?

Will you speak up today to defend the Columbia Wetlands from logging?

The Columbia Wetlands are the largest intact wetlands in southern BC and recognized as a RAMSAR wetland of international importance by the United Nations. Rich in plant and animal life, this 180 km-long stretch of wetlands is a finely balanced ecosystem for the more than 300 species of animals that live here, 65 of which are species at risk. World-renowned for its beauty and biodiversity, the Columbia Wetlands is a key stopover and critical breeding grounds for migratory birds and is an important travel corridor for sensitive species such as grizzly bears moving across the landscape. The wetlands are the headwaters of the mighty Columbia River.

The Columbia Wetlands Wildlife Management Area is 170 square kilometers, designated by the Province to protect fish, wildlife and their habitats. But now, logging threatens these important wetlands.

Logging has been proposed to control fir bark beetle 50 km south of Golden. But the beetle infestation is already advanced and logging in the WMA will not stop the spread. Logging will only further fragment the valley bottom that is already broken up by private land and roads.

If this logging goes ahead now, the door is open for more logging in the Columbia Wetlands. Please send a message today to Forests Minister Katrine Conroy, asking for an immediate stop to all logging plans in the Columbia Wetlands and a permanent ban on logging in the Wildlife Management Area.

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