Defend our ancient old growth

For more than 30 years, Indigenous Nations, local community groups and conservationists have fought to protect BC’s spectacular old growth forests.

Yet today across BC, only 2.7 percent of our ancient and most productive old growth forests are left.

Old growth ecosystems like the wet cedar-hemlock rainforests of the Inland Temperate Rainforest are among the most endangered ecosystems in BC.

Across British Columbia, we are still logging these rare forests that exist nowhere else on Earth. Current government policy allows the destruction of what little old growth forest remains in British Columbia. Without significant changes, old growth forests and the species that depend upon them will disappear.

Just before the election, John Horgan committed to implementing all 14 recommendations from the provincial old growth report. Please remind Premier Horgan and the newly formed provincial government that they must keep their promise and get to work immediately to protect old growth across the province.