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One of the most magical transitions to spring is witnessing the bare branches of deciduous trees bud and then ‘leaf out’, while new green shoots and early flowers spring forth from the ground. Join us as we offer ideas to explore some signs of spring.

Sit Spots & Nature Journaling

For a sit spot this week, you may ask students to pay particular attention to how the plants and trees have changed. Here are some useful writing prompts for students to focus their journaling where they can hopefully see or even lean on a tree while they work.

Bud Buddies

Observing everyday changes and documenting the process of a bud opening on a tree or bush provides a simple but effective inquiry that can be done in or around home. Adopt your own Bud Buddy with a video introduction.

Nature Frames

Students will create a frame to showcase nature’s “art”. This is another great way to focus attention on a particular view and pay attention to the changes that spring brings. This activity can also be a great alternative to the Bud Buddy activity, if you live in the area of the Basin where buds have already opened.

Tree Explorations

Forming a special connection with a tree can help children feel grounded and connected to place.

These tree exploration activities look at trees at the various stages in their life cycle. With explorations for each stage of the cycle, students can choose one or more, depending on interest and what’s available for them to explore.

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