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This year for Earth Day, Wildsight is celebrating home—the planet we all call home, and each of our own “home places”—whether that is our neighbourhood, backyard, or view from our window.

Earth Day Art

In appreciation of all the Earth means to us, we are asking students to design their own piece of nature art that celebrates the wildness and wonderfulness of “home”. Here are some resources to make your own Earth Day art as well as a special inspirational video from our Wildsight educators.

We’d love to see photos of your students’ (or your child’s) work. Please post them to our Wildsight Education at Home Facebook group to showcase a collective celebration of home.

Sensory Wake Up

Use this audio recording or script of a guided sensory ‘wake-up’ activity.  It’s great to do before settling into sit spots, but also would be a wonderful complement to this week’s Earth Day Art activity above.

Sit Spot

Last week we introduced the ‘sit spot’ routine. We invite students to continue this practice on a regular basis to build a routine of mindfulness and observation. This week, focus on gratitude to the Earth. What can you see from your sit spot that you are thankful for? How can you show the Earth your gratitude for all that is welcome and good? Don’t forget to bring your nature journal.

Trash to Treasure Art from Beyond Recycling archives.

Trash to Treasure Art

Students explore the options for creative waste use and discover how their trash can be turned into treasure. Learn how to turn your trash into treasure.

For inspiration check out these great ideas from students in Fernie who participated in Wildsight’s Beyond Recycling program in 2018 and 2019.

Seed pots made by Wildsight Educator Mary Searchfield.

Seed Pot Origami

Make little pots with newspaper/empty egg cartons for seeds to germinate. Hopefully you’ll have seedlings to transplant outdoors when it’s warmer. Now is a great time to get started!

More Ways to Celebrate Earth Day With Your Family

Clean up your Yard - Tidy up your play space, clear snow, or any trash around.

Go Screen Free - Pledge a screen-free hour, or half day, or day. Plan to spend your screen-free time being together outside, or playing a board game or doing a puzzle inside.

Gratitude for our Earth - Go on a rock hunt and find rocks that are special to you. When you get home, clean them and paint a gratitude message on each of them.

Bud Buddies activity ‘sneak peek'.

Next week’s newsletter is about “Plants and Trees, Buds and Leaves"

We will delve deeply into growing things next week. Plan to explore the surest sign of spring—the transition from buds to leaves, as we ask students to pick a particular bud and track its progress.

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