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Welcome to Wildsight’s ‘Education at Home’ newsletter. In these challenging times, nature can be a strong ally in providing grounding and comfort. There are plenty of ways to get kids connected and to “keep the wild in sight”. Sign up to keep receiving weekly nature-based ideas and activities that support learning, health and wellness, and physical activity. You can also join our Education at Home Facebook Group to connect to others in this learning community.

This week we focus on grounding and “tuning in” to the natural world. By setting up gentle routines and practices, children (and adults!) can tune inwards and connect to the natural world around them.

Note: Please follow the advice of your local public health authority for the most up to date recommendations and public health orders. Click here to visit the British Columbia Centre for Disease Control webpage.

Sit Spots

A sit spot is a special place where students can sit and tune in to the rhythms of the natural world. Wildsight educator Ayla Bennett will show you how to establish your own sit spot routine in an interesting video and related resources, found here.

Nature Journaling

Nature Journaling allows students to observe, to remember and to stimulate curiosity and inquiry about the natural world. In this tutorial, you’ll learn more about creating a nature journal and find some great journaling prompts.

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Tuning In

Use these simple activities to help students connect to, and learn from, the natural world. 
Kindergarten - Grade Three
Grade Four - Seven

Earth’s Four Spheres

Students can learn about the earth’s four spheres, and ponder the poetry of how they work together, in this beautiful video featuring a poem and follow up activities by Wildsight educator Jade Harvey.

Homeschooling The Wildsight Way

Here are some tips and tricks from the Wildsight Educator team we hope will help connect learners young and old to one of the best teachers out there: nature.

Here’s a sneak peak at an Earth Day Nature Art project from Wildsight educator Genna Lazier. 

Stay tuned for next week’s newsletter as we celebrate Earth Day!

In next week’s newsletter, Wildsight educators will inspire students to create nature art as a celebration of home through videos, photos and Earth Day resources. Teachers may want to plan for sharing Earth Day Nature Art on their own online classroom platforms as well. Details and how-to videos next week!

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