Photo: Milo Burcham

A win for caribou, but more to do

Amazing news for caribou and old growth forests! The BC government’s own logging agency, BC Timber Sales (BCTS), halted logging for 11 of 14 cutblocks in Argonaut Creek.

Public pressure pushed BC to defer the sale of most of the logging blocks in Argonaut Creek, 100 kilometres northeast of Revelstoke in the Northern Selkirk mountains. A total of 276 hectares, and 10 kilometres of new roads, will be halted for now. More than a thousand people spoke up to protect this landscape. Thank you!

But we’re not done yet.

There’s still logging planned for three remaining cutblocks, or about 63 hectares of old growth forest—that’s 70 soccer fields.

BCTS has already built a five-kilometre road to access the cutblocks, tearing through the old growth rainforest, knocking down ancient trees in its wake while also providing an easier route for predators to access caribou habitat.

The Argonaut Creek drainage is important habitat for the North Columbia caribou herd. The herd, at 150 members, is one of BC’s most viable wild populations of southern mountain caribou left.

Please email the BC Government and BC Timber Sales to let them know you would want the remaining Argonaut Creek logging cancelled and the road reclaimed.

Our provincial government has pledged to protect caribou and caribou habitat, but they will do neither if they allow any logging in Argonaut Creek.

Take action today!